An argument in favor of preserving tradition

In this global age where there is such a tremendous convergence of culture, it is important to look to and retain the understanding of indigenous peoples. Societies evolve, and as they do ideas and social constructs about those societies evolve as well.

Today, in every state except Nebraska and Maine, whichever candidate wins the most votes in a state wins all the electors from that state, no matter what the margin of victory.

But the greater problem with what you suggest the concern that our traditional practices would die out if we do not take pride in them is that it seems to bring an element of obligation on individuals to carry on their culture.

THBT preserving culture has no place in the society today

Following tradition, therefore, guides our lives and saves us from the many pitfalls and dangers. Not all values intrinsic to human nature are good ones, but they have been values that people have traditionally held.

Further substantiating it, detriments would be met if these traditions are destroyed and disabled, not necessarily totally eliminated. Not all traditions are good. As traditional knowledge is crowded out by more efficient and modern practices, it is not just the environment that suffers, but it is also the people who identified themselves by an ancient way of life.

When we try to pass those practices on dogmatically to the next generation, they outlive their practical utility. Most important thing is to use our discretion.

Before I present and elucidate my arguments in this debate, I would like to clear out some points that my contender failed to define correctly. And there is no legitimate reason why a rural vote should count more than an urban vote in a 21st-century national election.

A person wearing dhoti and khadi clothes can commit a cold blooded murder, whereas a guy wearing low waist jeans and black T-shirt with logo of some rock band printed on it may risk his life to save a stranger.

It is a way of life after all; a person cannot wash it away completely from his personality or way of thinking. Tradition in fact is a stimulant to progress. If there is a tradition of marriage within the same or related clan, then the decision is far easier and easily acceptable. The word tradition, however means, unwritten beliefs and customs handed down from generation to generation, which we all knowingly or unknowingly adhere to in our daily lives.

Let's just say that these were the media that they formed to express it. During that time, 87 percent of campaign visits by the four candidates were in 12 battleground states, and none of the four candidates ever went to 27 states, which includes almost all of rural America. I made it clear from the get-go that I never intended to argue that we should eliminate our culture or forget our roots; instead I argue that we shouldn't actively work to preserve culture because it prevents progress and unjustly forces people into certain roles that the culture would dictate.

There are many ways to preserve culture that would make us guided and freer at the same time. These men did not think twice, before laying down their lives upholding this tradition. A law can never be implemented without displaying ethics that most of the people uphold to be very vital, because we are philosophical beings who try to value life and how we do with it in our own ways.

Culture grows and some of it die down eventually, if the people practicing it feel suffocated. It also has a lot of emotional and ornamental value, which is practised very proudly by our armed forces.

We must never prevent progress just so that we can try to prevent progress just to hold onto values that we believe to be right; the right values will always surface and maintain themselves in the end. I beg to differ. Traditions, as Fox notes, are constantly evolving and changing to meet the needs of the people who invoke them.

The preservation and reinterpretation of these traditions—whether they conform to the standards of critical historians or not—need support in order to survive.

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Words. to. Search Pages. to. Three common arguments for preserving the Electoral College – and why they’re wrong November 14, pm EST Robert Speel, Pennsylvania State University.

Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! According to your argument, preservation is like enacting culture, especially the old, traditional ones in a way that it inhibits adaptation of the individual in the modern society.

However, this is not certainly true since culture is dynamic, and this characteristic has been established and. Mar 11,  · Why Try to ‘Preserve’ Tradition?

argument in favor Essay Examples

Yes, it’s a Rhetorical Question. What deserves merit will definitely find favor with a niche within any generation depending upon their taste and ability to appreciate it. One more issue – who defines what is our culture? The argument wrt tradition i get, but could u more clearly.

An argument in favor of preserving tradition
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Argumentative Essay on Tradition – An Obstacle to Progress